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Meles Zenawi: Prime minister Ethiopia

Meles Zenawi: Late Prime minister Ethiopia
Late PM Meles Zenawi Asres (መለስ ዜናዊ አስረስ) was the Prime Minister of Ethiopia. Since 1985, he has been chairman of the Tigrayan Peoples' Liberation Front (TPLF), and was head of the ruling EPRDF. (at time of filming)

In 2007, the African Union elected Prime Minister Meles Zenawi to chair the executive committee of the NEPAD. Meles Zenawi is the first Ethiopian leader in Ethiopian history to develop the structure for a multi-party system of governance, with a multi-party parliament in composition. The US sponsored invasion of Somalia and the on-going Ethio-Eritrea war polarizes support for Mr. Zenawi. He instituted many reforms which allowed marginalizes groups in Ethiopia (Muslims and Oromo people) to have greater voice in the country.

However, Mr. Zenawi is in this film because he was the most senior minister of the Ethiopian government. His appearance, as with any politician, is not a certification of character or approval by the filmmakers. Join Us on Facebook

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Harry Belafonte



Harry Belafonte | Activist
Harry Belafonte is a musician, actor and social activist. Belafonte's political beliefs are greatly inspired by singer and activist Paul Robeson. He strongly opposed not only racial prejudice in the United States, but also western colonialism in Africa.Like many civil rights activists, Belafonte was blacklisted during the McCarthy era. He bailed King out of the Birmingham City Jail and raised thousands of dollars to release other imprisoned civil rights protesters. He has an extensive record of support for Pan-Africanism spanning decades.

Nicole C Lee





Nicole C Lee | TransAfrica Forum
Nicole Lee is the President of TransAfrica Forum. She was appointed to the position in December 2006 by the Board of Directors, led by Chairman Danny Glover. Ms Lee has worked as a human rights attorney in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean where she has gained a keen understanding of global human and economic rights conditions. Ms. Lee’s passion for human rights and activism has propelled her to the top of one of the leading human rights advocacy organizations in the world. Ms. Lee lived in Haiti where she worked for a human rights organization that investigated and prosecuted the human rights violations by the military during the 1994 coup. Returning to the U.S. in 2004, Ms. Lee settled in Washington, D.C. and joined TransAfrica as the Director of Operations.

H.E. Mr. Claver Gatete



H.E. Mr. Claver Gatete | Rwanadan Ambasador
H.E. Mr. Claver Gatete is Ambassador of the Republic of Rwanda for the UK. He states "in order to bring participatory justice closer to the people, in July 2004, mediators were elected through-out the country and are being trained. Mediation committees are a very important mechanism for streamlining the Justice system as they will handle many cases and only a few unresolved issues will have to be referred to the courts of competent jurisdiction. This is a mechanism empowering citizens to participate in the process. "

H.E. Jacob Zuma



H.E. Jacob Zuma | President South Africa
Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma is the President of South Africa. Zuma is the President of the African National Congress (ANC), the governing political party, and was Deputy President of South Africa from 1999 to 2005. Zuma is also referred to by his initials JZ and his clan name Msholozi. Zuma became the President of the ANC on 18 December 2007 after defeating incumbent Thabo Mbeki at the ANC conference in Polokwane. Zuma is also a lifelong member of the South African Communist Party.




Esther Stanford | Lawyer
Esther Stanford-Xosei is an internationally acclaimed Jurisconsult, passionate public Lecturer, Broadcaster, Policy Analyst and Broadcaster. With a proven track record as a law related education and training consultant, Esther has extensive experience of formulating reparative policy and programme interventions as well as developing specialist advocacy services for communities who are survivors of historical and contemporary trauma as a result of systematic violations of their human and peoples' rights.





Dr. Desta Meghoo | Consultant
Desta Meghoo is a well known Rastafari Pan African activist, jurist and coordinator of conferences and events; she produced "Africa Unite" for Bob Marley 60th Birthday in Ethiopia/2005. Meghoo served as Acting Director for the Center for Race and Race Relations at University of Florida College of Law, liaison to the African Union for the Diaspora African Forum, and advisor on the Smithsonian Institute's Discovering Rastafari exhibit. She heads D.Y.M.D.C & Associates in ET, a development consultancy firm specializing in (p)repatriation, socio-economic and cultural development. Her landmark Children's Village Project for homeless and orphaned children using the arts has impacted the lives of hundreds of children in Addis Ababa over the past 5 years.


Dr. Kwadwo Osei-Nyame | Lecturer
Dr. Kwadwo Osei-Nyame, Department of the Languages and Cultures of Africa (SOAS) Post-colonial writing with special reference to anglophone and francophone African writing and African American writing; comparative national literatures; African literature and nationalism; gender in literature; literature and society in Southern Africa; African cultural studies with reference to the Akan of Ghana and the Igbo of Nigeria; literature and human rights in Africa.



Dr. Maulana Karenga | Philospher
Dr. Karenga is also widely known as the creator of Kwanzaa, an African American and Pan-African holiday celebrated also in Africa, the Caribbean, South America--especially Brazil, and African communities in Britain and other European countries. Dr. Maulana Karenga is professor and chair of the Department of Black Studies at California State University, Long Beach.


Dr. Molefi Asante | Historian
Molefi Kete Asante is a progressive scholar in the field of African studies and African American Studies. He is currently Professor in the Department of African American Studies at Temple University, where he founded the first PhD program in African American Studies. Asante is known for his philosophy of Afrocentricity and transracial, intercultural, and international communication. He is the founding editor of the Journal of Black Studies and is the author of more than 65 books.



Dr. Ali Mazrui | Scholar
Dr. Ali Al'amin Mazrui is an iconic academic and political writer on African and Islamic studies and North-South relations. He is Director of the Institute of Global Cultural Studies at the State University of New York at Binghamton. In recent years, Mazrui has also become a well known commentator on Islam and Islamism. While utterly rejecting violence and terrorism Mazrui has praised some of the anti-imperialist sentiment that plays an important role in modern Islamic fundamentalism.




Dr. Hakim Quick | Scholar

Abdullah Hakim Quick was born in the United States. He pursued his study of Islam at the Islamic University of Madinah in Saudi Arabia where he graduated and received an Ijaza from the College of Da’wah and Islamic Sciences in 1979. He later completed a Masters Degree and a Doctorate in African History at the University of Toronto in Canada. His thesis was an analysis of the early life of Sheikh ‘Uthman Dan Fodio, a great West African Scholar, Mujaahid and social activist.




Dr. Mohammad Ibn Chambas | Economist

Dr. Mohamed Ibn Chambas is a lawyer, diplomat, politician and academic from Ghana. In 2002 he became the Executive Secretary of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). In 2007, he was appointed the group's first President by the governments of its member states, serving a four year term.




Didymus Mutasa | Zimbabwe Goverment
Didymus Noel Edwin Mutasa is a Zimbabwean politician, currently serving as the Minister of State for Presidential Affairsand as the Secretary for Administration of ZANU-PF. he was then appointed as State Security Minister in mid-April 2005, following the March 2005 parliamentary election. And later Minister of State for National Security, Lands, Land Reform and Resettlement in the President's Office.




Amiri Baraka | Poet

Amiri Baraka is the author of over 40 books of essays, poems, drama, and music history and criticism, a poet icon and revolutionary political activist who has recited poetry and lectured on cultural and political issues extensively in the USA, the Caribbean, Africa, and Europe. Baraka is renowned as the founder of the Black Arts Movement in Harlem in the 1960s that became, though short-lived, the virtual blueprint for a new American theater aesthetics.





Dr. Lisa Brock | Author

Lisa Brock is a professor of African history and Diaspora studies at Columbia College, Chicago. Her articles on South Africa, Mozambique, African-Americans, Cuba and Blacks in the Diaspora have appeared in numerous journals and book collections. Her book, Between Race and Empire: African-Americans and Cubans Before the Cuban Revolution, was published in 1998 and her writings are regularly a part of the website:





Dr. Haki Madhubuti | Author

As poet, publisher, editor and educator, Haki R. Madhubuti serves as a pivotal figure in the development of a strong African-American literary tradition, emerging from the era of the sixties and continuing to the present. Over the years, he has published 24 books (some under his former name, Don L. Lee) and is one of the world’s best-selling authors of poetry and non-fiction, with books in print in excess of 3 million.













































































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Motherland is a breathtaking film, which sweeps the continent of Africa. With an all-star cast, it is a vivid cinemMotherland is a breathtaking film, which sweeps the continent of Africa. With an all-star cast, it is a vivid cinematic centrepiece washed with an African aesthetic. A bold empowering sophisticated story of Africa, which in progressive dignity reaffirming terms looks at Africa's past, present and future. Motherland is an epic and unprecedented entry into the canon of African-owned cinema, which charts the glory and majesty of the Motherland (Enat Hager). Motherland is a film that unapologetically calls for African unity, self-determination and the African rebirth. atic centrepiece washed with an African aesthetic. A bold empowering sophisticated story of Africa, which in progressive dignity reaffirming terms looks at Africa's past, present and future. Motherland is an epic and unprecedented entry into the canon of African-owned cinema, which charts the glory and majesty of the Motherland (Enat Hager). Motherland is a film that unapologetically calls for African unity, self-determination and the African rebirth.

From the acclaimed producers of the multi-award winning 500 Years Later , Motherland is Directed by Owen ?Alik Shahadah. Motherland has been in the making since 2004 and is expected late 2009.

The film features some of the greatest minds from Africa and the Diaspora; Harry Belafonte , Meles Zenawi, Nicole C. Lee, Gamal Nkrumah,Tony Browder, Musa Njoko, Haki R. Madhubuti, Frances Cress Welsin, Tsedenia Gebremarkos, Hakim Quick, Jacob Zuma, Didymus Mutasa, Dr. Kwadwo Osei-Nyame, Jeff Radebe, Molefi Asante, Maulana Karenga, Kimani Nehusi, Desta Meghoo, Hakim Adi, Esther Stanford, Mohammad Ibn Chambas, Mulugeta Asrate, Amina Salum Ali, Sheik Elias Redman, Adama Samassekou Samia Suluhu Hassan.